The WebTunnelAgent application is used to connect a device to the Reflector Server.

Executables for various platforms are available below.
On Linux and OS X, don't forget to make the downloaded file executable with chmod +x WebTunnelAgent.

If there is no executable for your platform, please use the SDK below to build it yourself.

Platform/Operating SystemArchToolchainBuild DateNotes 
Microsoft Windows
Windows 7/8/10 i386 Visual C++ 2013 2017-07-05 1 Download
Windows 7/8/10 x64 Visual C++ 2013 2017-07-05 1 Download
Windows Embedded Compact 2013 ARM Visual C++ 2013 2015-09-19 2 Download
Apple macOS
macOS 10.11/10.12 x86_64 Clang/Apple LLVM 8.1 2017-07-05 Download
Ubuntu 16.04 x86_64 GCC 5.4.0, glibc 2.23 2017-07-05 Download
Raspberry Pi
Raspbian Jessie (Debian 8.0)
armv7l GCC 4.9.2, eglibc 2.19 2017-07-05 3 Download


  1. Statically linked with OpenSSL.
  2. Does not include SSL/TLS support. In the file, the setting webtunnel.reflectorURI must be changed to, otherwise the application will not start. Contact us for SSL/TLS support on Windows Embedded Compact.
  3. The OpenSSL shared libraries must be available on the device. SDK

The SDK is available from GitHub.

The SDK can be built for various platforms, including Linux, OS X, as well as Embedded Linux targets. Build scripts, project and solution files for different Visual C++ versions on Windows are included as well.

The Device SDK is open source, based on the POCO C++ Libraries and licensed under the Boost Software License 1.0.

White Papers and Datasheets

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