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web browsers provides secure and transparent remote access to the built-in web server of a device.
Access the web interface of your device from anywhere using any web browser.

The Internet of Things — Simplified is cloud-ready service providing secure remote access to embedded devices and intelligent systems via HTTP(S) or other TCP-based protocols. With, any network-connected device running the connector software can be securely accessed remotely over the internet from browsers, mobile apps, desktop, server or cloud applications using HTTP(S) or TCP-based protocols. This even works if the device is behind a NAT router, firewall or proxy server. The device becomes just another host on the internet, addressable via its own URL and protected by the server against unauthorized or malicious access. This makes an essential building block of the Internet of Things.

Works great with...

Home automation devices, monitoring and control systems for green energy facilities, remote automation and data acquisition devices, data loggers, device servers, sensor network/IoT gateways, IP surveillance cameras and network video recorders, or any other networked embedded system with a built-in web server.

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Cloud-Ready, Scalable and Customizable

The server typically runs on a virtual Linux cloud server. Multiple instances can be run in a load-balancing setup if required to reliably handle even very large numbers of simultaneously connected devices and user sessions.

The server can easily be customized via JavaScript or C++ plugins to customize the user interface or add customer-specific features. It optionally supports LDAP for user authentication and provides REST and SOAP APIs for integration with customer-specific or third-party applications.

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Getting started with is easy and takes less then five minutes. Sign up for a free account on our demo server and download the connector executable, or the C++ device SDK source code.

As a first step, we recommend running the connector, which is used to connect an embedded device to the service, on your desktop system to keep things simple. Once you have this working, use the device SDK to integrate the software directly into an Embedded Linux or Windows Embedded CE based device. We also have pre-built connector executables for various platforms. See our Getting Started Guide for more information.

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